We truly understand how you feel frustrated and fatigued because it seems like nothing is really working. We’ve been there.

We don’t just talk the talk to you. We’ve walked your walk. And we can show you the path to freedom.

How? Well, partly because we’ve experienced some of the same health challenges as you. We know what you’re up against – that it’s not just a physical or medical problem.

Chronic conditions impact your emotional and mental wellbeing, and your relationships too. So we’ve made sure that the Feel Free Programme helps you deal with all of that.

We have decades of expertise in women’s health, scientific research, holistic health and self-care, leadership and coaching, communications, and information technology.

You can optimise your quality of life when you have good information.

That’s why we combined all our experience and expertise, researched the science, and refined it into one unique programme.

It’s simple. It’s do-able. It’s transformational.

Karen Gardiner

Karen was inspired to embark on a career in female health by her grandmother’s lifelong battle with bladder pain syndrome – not that they had a name for it in those days.

Karen herself suffered 10 years of unexplained cystitis which resulted in sepsis. Underpinning all her work as the founder of women’s self-care company Purple Orchid Health, which believes that giving people good quality information empowers them to make positive choices that will optimise their wellbeing and quality of life.

The Feel Free Programme is a glorious expression of that belief becoming a reality.



Kay McWilliams

As a newspaper journalist, Kay launched and edited a weekly health section with an interest in complementary and alternative health before entering the field of bladder health as a marketing consultant, distilling clinical trial papers into concise documents for urological doctors and nurses and their patients.

Her work as a shiatsu practitioner and intuitive life coach is aligned with the Feel Free philosophy about the limitless possibilities for the human body-mind-spirit when it’s properly cared for.

Kay also succumbed to urinary sepsis after recurrent UTis, and made a full recovery thanks to medical science and the techniques involved in the Feel Free Programme.

David Tilston
Physical Wellbeing

After careers in the Royal Marines Commandos and the Fire and Rescue Service, David became a personal trainer, movement coach and yoga teacher with a wide range of qualifications, in online and offline settings.

His calm and gentle approach along with profound knowledge and experience makes it easy for you to follow along with demonstrations in his short videos, no matter what level you’re at.

David’s focus as a coach is to practice and deliver methods to you that are effective and achievable. They have to be time-efficient to make them sustainable, so that they support long-term wellness.David does not believe in fads or gimmicks.

Bill Taylor

Bill is one of the foremost physiotherapists specialising in pelvic health. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher on the subject of pelvic health and as such he is continually updating his knowledge with the latest scientific developments. However, he strongly believes that the most important aspect of his work is listening carefully to his patients at his Edinburgh practice, recognising that they are complex, and that the details of their experiences give guidance for their treatment. 

Bill is a huge advocate for properly understood bladder training, having seen multiple times how it can be life changing. As a consultant to the Feel Free Programme, he is a member of the private Facebook group, where he can offer general information.

Peter Burns

Peter started Z-Star Nutrition to provide the highest quality information based on scientific research to both general populations and athletes. It’s built on the principle that whatever you might be trying to achieve, from weight control to wellness, if your nutrition isn’t right for you, you’re driving with the handbrake on.

Peter believes it’s all about creating habits that work for each individual’s lifestyle as well as preferences – and bladder pain patients know that what causes inflammation is different for each individual. When you focus on the food and drinks that work for you, you create strong foundations that will support you.


Eve Thompson
Yoga Teacher

Eve became a yoga teacher in 2018 while she was in the midst of a sports studies degree course and training with the high-performance competitive swim team at the University of Stirling.

The boosting benefits of yoga became so clear to Eve that taught pro athletes including Olympic gold medallists Duncan Scott and Kathleen Dawson, and golfer Louise Duncan, who won the Women’s British Open in 2021.

As well as teaching yoga and Pilates at the university and on the Feel Free Programme, Eve is a Level 3 personal trainer who loves to support people to achieve their wellness goals.



Angela Gregory
Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist
Angela is the Lead for Psychosexual Therapy at the Chandos Clinic, a sexual dysfunction service for men and women with a wide range of sexual difficulties, based at Nottingham University Hospital Trust.

She provides in-house training for medical and nursing staff and lectures at seminars at a national level. Angela has had work published in the International Journal of Gynaecology, the International Journal of Urological Nursing and the Endocrinologist, and has been involved in primary research looking at women’s experience of using vaginal trainers (dilators) to treat vaginal penetration difficulties diagnosed as vaginismus.

Angela’s supports you with challenges around the emotional and psychological aspects of relationships as well as the physical. Her approach gives you practical, doable actions along with advice around communication, helping you to feel understood and able to address the issues.
Bladder Health UK

We’re proud to have developed the Feel Free Programme in association with Bladder Health UK, the influential patient support charity. 

Susannah Fraser, Communication & Media Manager, and Business Director Suzanne Evans have been on the journey of evolution with us, encouraging their members to take part and learn the techniques which can improve quality of life. 

Bladder Health UK supports patients with all kinds of bladder conditions in multiple ways including running events and local groups. They also lobby for improvements in treatments.

You can find out more at their website.