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What people are saying about the Feel Free Programme

Excellent! Helpful, informative, motivational, clear, supportive, encouraging, empathic, reiterating the importance of not giving up but trusting the process even though it may take time to see the benefit.  It has taught me to schedule a regular time (10am!) in my daily routine to take care of my bladder needs. It has enabled me to take more responsibility for my health, and to accept the inevitable disappointments with equanimity. An excellent holistic learning experience.


Motivational and inspiring. Lots of information, backed up by science. A strong focus on wellbeing with techniques to reduce stress to mind and body. Practical advice and lots of opportunity to ask questions and participate. Altogether a really joined-up approach to coping with IC/BPS.


I’ve gained a quiet calm strength, knowing that I now have more control over the self-management of my BPS. I have moved forward to a freer life!

Thank you.


Inspiring, motivational, educational.  A great course.


I feel better able to cope with the ups and downs of my symptoms and the way they impact on my day-to-day life.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained! It’s so worth doing the Feel Free course, to broaden your knowledge and learn new tools to help you on your journey.


Lots of different elements are explored, and this was a very useful course.